RoboCam System

RoboCam System is a system of multiple robotic camera tripods all controlled by one operator.

Comparing to the manual control of cameras, such as on commonly used tripod, robotic tripods can perform much smoother, slower and more precise movements.

RoboCam tripods are quick and easy to install. They are very mobile and can be easily moved from place to place. The remote head which holds the camera is at a height of 135 cm and can be lifted up with height extension, in range of 35cm, or even scaled down, according to your preferences.

Using the control panel the operator controls the head movements as well as the changes of focus and zoom of the cameras in the system.

The control of the focus allows storing up to four different positions of focus for each camera in the system. The RoboCam system comes with accessories, which includes The direction box – a box with 4.3 inch monitors for each camera in the system.

Robocam is especially suitable for shooting studio programs such as talk shows, but it can also be used for dynamic events such as concerts and sports.

Combine our Robocam system with the Auto Dolly and let your imagination go free.

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