DSLR Camera accessories

Senna Wireless LENS

For zoom control on your Canon and Fujinon Lens, we have created Wireless Lens controller.
Vast wireless range of 300m, allows you to easily zoom in/out when your camera is on the jib or drone.
Besides manual remote zooming, there are also 3 zoom speed presets available.
Zoom motion presets allow you to record 3 zoom movements (start and stop point and speed changes) and recall them by simple pressing of the button.

Price: 980€

Senna Wireless LANC

If you are using camera with LANC zoom protocol, perfect complement to your Five Second Head would be our wireless LANC controller. Vast wireless range of 300m, allows you to easily zoom in/out when your camera is on the jib or drone.

All Recall Focus Duo

Both Focus and Zoom wireless control for your DSLR, double advantage with All Recall Focus Duo!

All Recall Focus

All Recall Focus is a remote wireless device for control of focus on any lens. It is especially suitable when using jibs, sliders and steadicams. With the driving range of 320 degrees and motor torque of 16 kg, it can drive any lens, even on movie cameras. Its matchless option of memorizing four different focus positions, allows automatic recall at any point of shooting with simplistic memory buttons located on the ergonomic control panel. The system comes with an additional speed reply function as well as recording and trigger command for Cannon cameras. Night mode ring makes it usable even in the dark.
All Recall Focus runs on rechargeable lithium batteries, which allow up to 6 hours of work. The set includes spare battery as well, so it is very convenient for out-of-door sets.


  • Wireless Range:  300m line of sight
  • Driving range: 320°
  • Motor torque: 16 kg
  • Memory: 4 points of focus recall and
  • Speed reply option
  • Adjustable gear ring: Universal gear ring fits any lens 
  • Night working mode
  • Travel Focus Function: In/Out range calibration
  • Remote recording and trigger command

Price: 780 € 

For purchase information please contact sales.

Five Second Head

Five Second Head is wireless remote camera head designed for cameras up to 4 kg of weight. 
Aimed toward the DSLR and small HD cam market, the Five Second Head weighs in at 4.4lbs (2kg), allows 360 degrees of pan/tilt, six points of memory for scene storage, speed replay, memory recalls and loop cycles. Motion Control features allow time lapse in six different speed settings and storage of 30 seconds head movements.
Run-and-gun shooters are big fans of Five Second Head, as it takes only five seconds to set it for use. However, all the advanced features mentioned make it perfect for any kind of shootings and prove that high quality is not the privilegue of hight budget productions any more!


  • Pan and tilt 360 degree rotations, two axes
  • For payload up to 4 kg
  • Wireless Range: 300m line of sight
  • Time lapse function 90 degreed – 60 minutes, six different speeds
  • Six memory points to store favorite scene and speed replay
  • Auto memory recalls and loop cycle
  • Motion Control – store up to 30 seconds of wanted head movement
  • Two ramp modes for smooth starting and stopping
  • Tilt and Pan joystick polarity configuration

Price : 1.330 € 


For purchase information please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

One Minute Cranes

Motion with no jiggling guaranteed, even when starting or stopping the movement!